"Spiral Staircase. Rhinoceros Beetle. Ghost Town. Fig Tart. Rhinoceros Beetle. Via Dolorosa. Rhinoceros Beetle. Singularity Point. Giotto. Angel. Hydrangea. Rhinoceros Beetle. Singularity Point. Secret Emperor!"

-Enrico Pucci

Appearence Edit

Have arms,half torso and head in green color.On head have red eyes and some gold thing.His hands,legs and half torso is white.On legs have something like pants.

Attacks Edit

Left Mouse Button Edit

Normal punch deals 10 damage.This attack gives "C" Range is stats because to punch C-Moon comes closer to enemy.

Attack Z Edit

Barrage deals 2 damage per punch.Have 3 seconds of cooldown and if you do this barrage your jump power is changed to 200 (very high jumping)

Attack X Edit

Strong punch deals 40 damage.Have 8 seconds of cooldown.

Attack C Edit

Time Stop for 3 seconds.Have 10 seconds of cooldown.

Trivia Edit

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